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CanberryDual V2.1 One channel is an extension board for RaspBerry Pi.  

It has two functionalities:

  1. One can bus module
  2. One Real Time clock powered by a 12 mm battery (Battery CR1216 is not included). 

Country of origin is Italy

Customs charge code / HS CODE 85049005

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The CanBus is based on  MCP2515 SPI controllers and MCP2551 tranceivers. All functionalities are full integrated in standard linux kernel, so, they can be avaible on fly, or at last recompiling linux kernel to add canbus functionalities. The real time clock is based on DS3231 with internal oscillator I2C controller. It is full compatible with linux too. Using I2C Kernel module, and standard kernel functions, date and hour can be set/get by simple commands. On the bottom side is located an on board battery to guarantee a data autonomy (Battery CR1216 is not included). In chapter hardware there are all informations on principal components, schematics to rebuild and modify RaspBerry PI board. The new board is designed with the Raspberry Hat specification. There are four fixing holes and the hardware identification EEPROM (Blank Memory not mounted).

Country of origin is Italy

Customs charge code / HS CODE 85049005

Datasheet and techincal details are available on industrialberry website.