Dual Can PICO V1.0

Raspberry PICO is an interesting extension of Raspberry family. It is based on RP2040 microcontroller, a dual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ processor, flexible clock running up to 133 MHz 264kB on-chip SRAM 2MB on-board QSPI flash, 26 GPIO pins, including 3 analogue inputs.

There are the following peripherals:

  • 2 × UART
  • 2 × SPI controllers
  • 2 × I2C controllers
  • 16 × PWM channels
  • 1 × USB 1.1 controller and PHY, with host and device support
  • 8 × PIO state machines

Dual Can Bus PICO is an adapter to use our Can Bus Board with PICO. The idea is to connect all the 40 pins connector of Raspberry to the new board.

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Hardware Files

All our projects are open hardware, these are the production files:

Software Configuration

An embedded system is very interesting for open hardware community only if it is well supported with free IDE and library. There are two IDE software to develop firmware: Arduino IDE and Visual Studio Code.

For stability and simplicity we prefer to use Arduino IDE. The RP2040 core used in this example is developed by Earle Philhower. Use the following steps to prepare the IDE:

  • Open IDE
  • Click on File
  • Click on Preference
  • Click on Additional Board Manager URLs and add this link https://github.com/earlephilhower/arduino-pico/releases/download/global/package_rp2040_index.json
  • Click OK
  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Board Manager
  • Install RP2040 core
  • Install ACAN2515 of Pierre Molinaro
  • Click on Sketch
  • Include Library
  • Manage Libraries
  • Select Raspberry Pi PICO

Dual Can Bus Sketch

Download PicoDualCan_V1.0.ino

There are two kind of RTC for our boards, the DS3231 and PCF85063. Verify the installed RTC on your board and enabled the correct #define.

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